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Gift a friend a fish, they eat for a day


The More You Know, The More You Can Share!

I hope you are doing well. I am currently the Project Manager of this Project. I am working along side with my college classmate who is the Mission Lutheran Pastor, his wife and family FOR the past 37 years. He is on the Board of Directors for a new project in the makings for the past 6 years and at the final stages of completion. When I visited him last Spring, he introduced THE THRIFT STORE WORKFARE concept to me. It's a great idea and greatly needed in the Northern Cheyenne Indian Nation Reservation here in Lame Deer Montana. As he explained the concept and how he wanted to empower and build the self esteem of the people here, I thought something was missing - The Arts Cultural Aspect. Which I know would integrate the Project more closely related to the BEST of the all culture here on the Reservation: Culture Exchange through MUSIC, ART, and LITERATURE.


My goal is to establish a working relationship with those who want something different for their people here on the Reservation and at the same time, create potential connections with other cultures mainly outside of the USA. 


I have lived and worked in China since 2009 and have associations with colleges and universities, business owners, and import/export sales and marketing professionals. I also have associations with Learning Centers from preschool to high school. The Lions Club, musicians, artists, and many others who are interested in the CULTURE CONNECTION sharing. 


My concentration is in the areas of the world where I actually know people who share the same Values and Vision of Making a Difference for their culture and others around the world.


AT PRESENT China, Africa, South America, North America, and hopefully New Zealand/Australia will join in this meaningful project.


I would like to create some kind of connection with other cultures and Northern Cheyenne Indian Nation Culture...the possibilities are endless. Thank goodness for Video Conferencing. This is a great way to start -TALKING AND SHARING...this is the LITERATURE part of the connection.   STORY TELLING!


Take care and I look forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts!


Keep in touch!


Respectfully yours,




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