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GNSA Studios is proud to announce one of our newest Business Partners:

Grand Classroom Educational Travel Adventures


In cooperation with Grand Classroom, we provide small group GNSA Travel Adventures which include a personalized 3 Part Travel Adventure Package.


Each GNSA Adventure Includes an experienced Group Leader from China, a qualified Chinese Translator, and a Local Host Leader from the Destination of your GNSA Travel Adventure.


Grand Classroom is based in Charlottesville, Virgina, USA.  


Grand Classroom was founded in 2002 by J.T. Maxwell. J.T. has always loved the outdoors as he has been camping, fishing, hiking and biking his whole life. On a road trip out west two fateful events occurred. One was meeting his wife, Robin, and the other was his first visit to the Grand Canyon. J.T. wanted to create an experience for kids (adults, too) that got them outside, showed them some of the most beautiful places on earth and educate them on the importance of preserving the environment.  Grand Classroom’s staff is very active and can regularly be found hiking, biking, fishing, camping and kayaking.

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Join our 7 Day GNSA Travel Adventure:  California Dreaming in the USA!


Part 1 (Explore):  4 Sessions to prepare for your Adventure


Part 2 (Discover):  7 Exciting fun filled Days in Sunny California!


Part 3 (Learn): 4 Sessions to prepare to share your Unforgettable Adventure with your family and friends:  Celebration Night!


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